Gaming Purchases

So something that I don't seem t ogive much attention to on the blog is gaming. 

If you know me personally, then you would think this strange as it is something I do daily. 

I have both an xbox one and a PS4. 

I picked up a couple of games today whilst I was out nd about. 

They are both repurchases for xbox 360 (we decided to keep it rather than trade it in for like £1 (same for the PS3)). 

The first is fifa 15 - I'm not sure what happened to my original copy. This game is everywhere and as  I mentioned in a previous Blog (here) I love this game. 

I'm always Derby County, regardless of the edition of the game and I alway enjoy destroying Nottingham forest. 

This close me 24 pound to rebuy which isn't bad that it is Fifa that we are talking about.

Also pictured is the Witcher II.

This one is special edition. I mentioned before that I am in love with the sequel to this game Witcher III. 

I originally had this game as a download but it corrupted. 

I love the old school decision making, RPG games. 

Let me know what you guys are playing at the moment!


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