It's that time of the week again


It's that time of the week when I give my hands and nails a treat. 

I first treated my hands with some Nivea hand cream and then proceeded to the nails. 

As you may have seen in a previous blog,  I had a little problem with my nails looking like they had chicken pox. 

I finally managed to remove the last of the base. 

I decided to go for some thing brighter this week. So I went for Revlon's Roulette Rush (620) & Colour Unlimited's sparkle finish. 

It's made quite a nice nail effect. The red's brush is wider than most making it easier to spread, it's also a gel finish, which is popular right now. The sparkle has glitter and clear top coat mixed it so the top of the glitter is sealed. With some polishes they seem to start flaking off and can have a rough finish. 

The result is below

My hands actually look quite tanned in the picture. Cheeky bonus. 

Feel free to drop me a comment on what colour you're wearing this week! 

Thanks :)


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