Motivation (a lunch time blog)

So i sit here on a Monday lunchtime at work and I can't help but wonder what it is that is actually driving me today.

My morning went in a blink of an eye. I came into a million problems and the phones won't stop ringing. But instead of freaking out as I normally would, I just smiled and got on with it. I recently decided that I needed to adapt a different attitude at work. 

One of play hard, work hard and be nice. One that I originally discovered via Twitter - apparently a quote from Harry Styles. Not the worst person to look at considering how successful he is. 

But I wonder if the true driving force is actually motivation. The motivation of saving for a mortgage, a new car, my student fees or maybe just the drive to do a good job. What is clear is that I need to adapt this to my university life as well. 

So what is driving you guys today - drop me a comment or a tweet @beckyrussell

Thanks :) 

B Russ


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