My daily essentials (makeup review)

Hi all,

So I've decided to do my first review blog. This first one will be for makeup. So I thought I would naturally start with the stuff I use everyday. Fairly simple yes? 

Ok so if we start with foundation - I use dream matte mousse by Maybeline. I cannot recommend this product highly enough ( and neither can Sir Ducksworth). 

It lasts on my skin. Covers all my blemishes nicely and it doesn't feel like it clogs up my pores as other have done in the past. It's nice and light. I normally apply it with my brush for an even coverage but it works just fine with hands. 

My main problem with foundation used to be with liquid bases. I'm not sure if it was my skin type or the product itself but the foundation used to come right off. 


I am a huge liquid eyeliner fan and I'm rarely seen without it. I'm currently rocking, Rimmel scandal eyes precision micro eyeliner ( quite a mouthful there). This is one of the better products out there, however I'm not sure if I will be rebuying it. 

This is mainly due to the fact that the applicator stuck itself is floppy and I'm used to sticks (such as pencils). Also it takes a while for the eyeliner to come out of it so I'm standing there for a while using it 


(My nails look shocking in this picture - majorly need to repaint) 

Anyone that knows me, knows that I rep Barry M. I love their nail varnish, so when the opportunity came to try their mascara came, I jumped at the chance. 

The mascara is really good. But it doesn't last long. Everyone compliments me on my eyes 

General skin care routine 

I use a combo of the following two products. I have really sensitive skin - but the two below are quite gentle. I can't recommend them highly enough 

Nivea are the experts at skin care- this one is just for regular skin, it smells fantasic. When applied it feels smooth and it calms down any rough skin / acne pain that I may be having. It tends to last for around four hours on my skin. 

I can tell the difference when I don't use it - this to me is a sign that it is worth it. 

This product is avaliable in supermarkets and its a decent price. Two more plus points

I currently suffer from a lot of break outs (I have kidney problems) and I have found that the majority of spot treatments dry out my skin and make the situation worse. 

However this product helps a lot, while its true that it dries my skin out it isn't as extreme as other products (I've tried face wash, wipes etc)

The smell isn't great, it can burn if you have an open cut but it gets the job done. So in my opinion its worth it

And finally 

I got the following product as a present, and it's awesome. It smells good and the feeling on my hands is incredible. It's worth going out to purchase.

It truly is my guilty pleasure.

My current scent 

I currently have a collection of 35 bottles of perfume. But this one is the one that I am obsessed with - it's light and summery. Plus the bottle looks awesome. 

Hope that you are all still with me - I'm currently learning about all this blogging stuff. So feel free to drop me a message! 

B Russ 


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