My everyday Jewellery wears

So, on blogspot and Blog lovin', I see a lot of posts about peoples everyday makeup wears. Products they can't be seen without, but there is something that I wear everyday that I though deserved a mention. 


There is so much meaning behind mine that I literally have a panic attack if I am without my jewels. 

Firstly, my necklace. This necklace is a little DIY but it is made up of three important symbols in my life. 

1) Family - my Grandmothers ring sits on this chain. Its emerald and Diamond. It's too fragile to wear on my finger day to day, and I figured that it was closer to my heart this way. (my grandmother died when I was eleven tragically)

2) Love - there is a love heart on the chain. It's one my dad bought me for one of my birthdays.

3) Faith - I am a christian and I like to wear my cross because it reminds me of certain teachings from my childhood - also it keeps me grounded. 

Next - basically everything else. 

I'll start with the various bracelets - the purple and White ones are from Tunisa. We went on my birthday a couple of years ago as a last family vacation sort of thing. 

These bracelets are important to me as it reminds me of a time when the whole family were together. I think that it is very easy for people to get caught up in their own lives. 

The third bracelet is one that was sold to raise money for Cancer research UK. My mum bought it for me after my Great Aunt died. I wear it everyday as its a good way to show support for people that are going through treatment - such as my family members. It also make me feel grateful that I have my health. 

I also wear two rings - gifts from my boyfriend :)

My watch was a present from my mum for my last birthday 

So thats basically it. I thought I would do this to give you an insight into my mind ;)


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