My first Haul Post!

So I've seen a lot of haul posts and Vlogs, so since I went on a bit of a beauty spree, I thought I would  attempt my first one. 

So I went to Milton Keynes (the city that is about half an hour away from me) and being that it was payday yesterday I wanted to treat myself.

The first place that I went to was one of my favourites - Lush. I like Lush as its all homemade products and they don't test on animals. 

I first headed over to the skin care section. I've wanted to try their skin care range for the longest time but for some reason I never got round to it. I figured that it was the perfect time as my skin is rather dry at the moment so it is a good test for the product. 

I settled on the 'let the good times roll' Cleanser. It's designed to exfoliate and condition your face at the same time. Its in a paste format as you can see in the other picture, all you have to do is take a small bit and add water to it. Rub it on the face and wipe it off. This one has a a really nice cinnamon smell it - I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea. 

 I then headed off to my favourite area - the Bath bomb counter ;)

It had been a while since I was in so I indulged a bit. I picked three for my and a melt for my other half (he's been working out recently and fancied a treat but wasn't sure what to go for

This is the floating Island melt - its got colours running through out it and it smells really fresh. It's got Sandlewood in it. He's already used it and said how soft its made his skin. Which is good considered he hates anything except water in his bath 

First Bath bomb is called the Dragon egg - It smells rather lemony :) 

The second bath bomb is call Dorothy - A shout out to the Wizard of Oz - I chose this mainly because of the colours - it does have a pleasant smell 

The third I picked was this one Amandopondo - mainly as it has rose in it. 

The final product I picked up was the ' It started with a kiss' Lip tint - slight warning with this product is that it works really well - I was distracted on the phone as I put it on and I had Joker red lips

In total I spent 27 pounds - result! 

The next place I visited was Body shop - again they make amazing products and they are ethical in their testing policies. 

The first thing I picked up was this candle - its got quite a calming anf flowery smell. I've had it burning since I've come home - It's ten pounds but it's hardly gone down at all :)

Next stop was shower gel - I love the fact that there is always a deal on shower gel - it also smells incredible and lasts for ages. I choose Strawberry and Pink Grapefruit. But they literally have every single scent that you can think of (in the fruit range)

I wanted to try this next product as it is part of the spa range and its a range that I haven't tried yet. This is a hand and foot moisturiser - it's made from Honey and beeswax and smells quite nutty. So far it's helping with my dry hands (they are quite itchy at the moment) . Apparently this is a fairly new product  

Again another new product - this is a Poppy based body massage oil.  Luke actually picked this as his muscles are hurting so I think it was a big hint to help him out haha. I'll let you know how well it works 

I also got the bottom two products free - 

 This is a small version of their Pink Grape fruit body butter. I got this free as I signed back up for a loyalty card. Due to the purchases I made it was only an extra pound. 

This also meant I got a discount off of todays purchases. 

 I also got this tester for their new range - its for their new Mojito range that  I believe is out the first week in June. Its a small amount of body butter in the tub. It smells awesome - quite limy - taking focus from the drink. I got this sample as I'm a member of the loyalty scheme again. I think that its worth checking out - it's a lovely scent for summer 

Next stop was Boots. 

I badly needed some new make up brushes so I picked up the below for 15 pounds. I like Ecotools as they are made from recycled material and they are easy to clean. 

Next I went to the maybe line counter - They had a 3 for 2 deal on. I picked up the below - I picked up a coral Lipstick and some Matte Power. I also picked up some Blusher - I've not used the blusher from this range before so I am looking forward to seeing how well it works - it does come with a nice little brush 

I couldn't help but pick up another Barry M nail polish ( my absolute favourite). It's a gel based polish, which is trendy right now. Lovely hot pink!

Last purchase - I've decided to give Aussie a go again. I love the smell and it was on 3 for 10 pound deal. 

I spent 35 quid on these purchases. 

Well thats it (for now)

Hopefully you are still with me and it wasn't too bad! 

Feel free to get in touch! 

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Sjoukje Croux said…
Awesome haul! The bath bombs look awesome. <3!
Becky Russell said…
Thank you lovely :)

Have to say, I've just used the Dorothy one and it's incredible

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