Oops.... I went back to Lush and Boots (mini Haul blog and review blog)

So, as you all may know, I went shopping yesterday.

But I decided to go shopping again today. This was just because I wanted to go somewhere and this is what we ended up doing.

I firstly went back to Lush ( I am literally a walking ad for these guys at the moment)

I decided last night that I wanted to try some of their soap for the first time - having never bought this before - I wasn't sure what to expect. I walk over to what looked like walls of soap and started sniffing. My partner and I decided on this one (I wanted his input as it is something that we will be sharing and I wanted to make sure that the smell wasn't too 'girly' for him). This is the Bohemian, it has a quite noticeable lemon smell to it (you may have noticed by now that I like strong smells) 

The lady was ever so helpful and chopped up the soap for us. All in all I think we worked our way through four different soaps before deciding on this one. 

Next - baths bombs.

As I made a repurchase today - I thought that I would take the opportunity to do a review on the Dorothy Bubble Bar. Just Fyi - a bubble bar is designed to create lots of bubbles. And this little guy did just that!

I used this in my bath this morning. Immediately it turned my bath water this amazing colour

Not only that but I came out feeling extremely chilled. The smell of it is quite floral - it's not overpowering though and my skin was extremely soft. As you can tell I love it as I have repurchased it - its only £2.50 and I think that it is going to be one of my go to choices in the future 

Next purchase was this - Granny takes a dip Bath bomb. Two things drew me to this one - the name and the colours. I'm hoping that I get an effect similar to the one above! The smell is quite sweet. 

Next up - Phoenix rising bubble bar. I wanted to buy this one yesterday but instead chose another bomb in its place. So today I went for it. I love the colour, it smells quite pleasant - I actually can't think what the smell reminds me of- when I use it hopefully it will jog my memory! 

I've also managed to come up with a new storage option for all these bath bombs. I've got a little pink bath that used to have various gift items in. And to stop them getting wet there is a waterproof bag that other items came in (throw nothing away like this, they can come in handy! ) The smell inside the bag is amazing also 

I then went into boots - I really wanted a red lipstick - So I headed to Barry M and picked up this cheeky little number 

And finally something different - (well different for those in the UK). In Northampton, we have an imported American sweet store. We decide to go and in and I picked these cute little Jelly Beans up, I almost don't want to eat them. 

I also picked up some grape and lime Soda - This is triple the size of anything they produce in the UK. Rather excited to try it! 

That's it for now. But as I use these products I will no doubt do a review post. 

Please feel free to get in contact (I've recent had some of you follow me, which is amazing) so please drop me a message on any of the below sites!

Cheers :)


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