Reasons why I don't miss working at McDonald's (part one)

There comes a point in every work day that I get frustrated and I want to run away. 

But then I remember where I was two years ago - a miserable shift manager at McDonald's. Now anyone who's worked there will hopefully appreciate this post. 

And for others.... I hope it makes you chuckle. 

1) I no longer have to deal with obscure grill orders 

2) the smell

3) drive thru helds (enough said) 

4) always running out of fries

5) the smell

6) getting into arguments with drunk people 

7) being on my own on grill side 

8) being on my own on chicken side 

9) doing 7 and 8 at the same time 

10) dealing with running out of popular happy meal toys 

11) having to fake 10000000 Socs 

12) the smell 

13) no weekends and bank holidays off. 


15) working 1/4 when tasties are in 

The list is endless

If you've ever worked at macs, get involved in the comment box below! 


B Russ 

(Ps this is me dressed as a coke can for a promo) 


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