Review round up

Hi guys, 

So I thought that I would just give a few reviews to a couple of products that I bought recently / products I've used up. I've seen a couple of posts like this recently so I wanted to do one by myself!

I wanted to do a whole post dedicated to empties, but I realised that I don't seem to use products up that often ( I like to get my money's worth haha) 

I'm going to have to collect stuff for a bit before I can do a whole post!!!

First product is the Gelly Shine Barry M nail paint. This colour is hot pink. I'm a little in love with Barry M - I rarely buy nail varnish from any other brand. 

I like the shiny finish that comes with the Gel type of varnish. I like to put my varnish through the cleaning test - generaly it's exactly how it sounds - I'll do some heavy cleaning and see how the varnish lasts. 

Not a single chip. I painted my nails on Sunday and I still don't have a single chip. 

I'm gonna give this one 10/10 

Next product is the Bohemian soap from Lush - It's made from all natural ingredients!  I love the smell (it's mainly lemony). I use it every morning and evening to wash my face. 

It can leave my hands feeling a little dry though. But I would definitely repurchase in the future ( I want to try a different kind next time) 

I'll give this 7/10 

Next product is this soda from America. I got it from a shop that Imports american food. I love the Grape and Lime taste. However, there is sooooo much sugar that it really hurt my teeth. 

I'm therefore not sure if its something that I will buy very often, maybe as a rare treat.

I'll give it 5/10

Bit of a lower end item - but something I seem to buy a lot. Imperial Leather shower gel. When I was younger Imperial leather was a really posh treat so I love using it. 

This one has a really soft smell to it. 

Its a staple of mine therefore its a 9/10

Thanks for reading. I'm sure that there will be many more in the future! 

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Unknown said…
The Barry M nail polish looks so nice!
Becky Russell said…
I've also got the electric blue one. They are a really good brand to get. Cheap too. It's £4 but considering they charge a lot more in salons for gel finishes, it's well worth it

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