So, its that time of year that everyone hates.... exams and deadlines are due. May is slightly evil here in the UK. 

I got to thinking about stress today as it is something that triggers my anxiety, so I like to get a hold on it before it gets a hold on me. 

I've come across a few tips that I think may actually help those of you that suffer as I do:

1) Firstly, it's never a bad of a problem as you think - break it down into smaller chunks - it will immediately make everything seem manageable. 

2) Talk to someone - this can help with number 1 a lot. Another pair of eyes on a situation helps bring perspective!

3) Take a time out. I find going walking away for five minutes with a drink helped to clear the mind. Or alternatively, take an hour where you put your phone into do not disturb mode and just relax! 

4) Make a plan - simple enough

5) Reward yourself at the end - this is the moment important step - celebrate you and your achievements 

6) Remind yourself what is realistic in what CAN happen - don't blow up crazy doomsday scenarios in your head

I hope this helps a little

Anxiety and stress are horrible!


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