The awesome parts of student life


Granted there are some sucky and stressful parts of being a student (this is my fifth year so I am well acquitted with them) , but there are some truly awesome parts.

1) Napping 

This is a well known part of student life and because of this it is almost expected. The lovely feeling a power nap is one that outside of childhood is almost vital to student lifestyle

2) Bragging rights 

The fact that you have the dedication and will power to actually carry yourself through a degree means that you should be proud of yourself. A little brag is allowed.... every once in while. 

3) Endless TV marathons 

This part is inevitable, as you write essays, complete reading and complete that dissertation, you will find yourself getting hooked on tv shows. They become your buddies, you feel as though you are on the journey with them....

4) Drinking and partying 

Enough said on this subject, but the next day you may not feel the same way

5) Student card/ discount

This is the biggest one.  As soon as you have your card, you can start reaping the benefits. 

The best place to see all the discounts is on the website / app UNIdays, 

The app is updated daily with new deals and limited edition deals (for example New Look recently upped their 10% discount to 20%)

It can also be used on websites and there are many different kind - clothes, music , tech

(you can get spotify premium for £5 and Sky tv for £16!!)

6) The degree and Proud parents at the graduation 

Which are the two main objectives in the end right?

7) you make some amazing life long friends

Although watch which stories they tell to your parents :/

So thats it for now, hopefully you enjoyed this. 

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