The things that no one prepares you for (part one)

There are some things in life that your parents spend ages preparing you for, however there are some that seem to slip through the cracks:

1 )   The perfect hangover cure
-       Although to be fair no one know this – damage control seems more apt. Trust no one when hanging, not even an Egg Mcmuffin

2 )   How to peel a Mango
-       Its harder than you think, but that innocent smoothie guy probably knows. I wish I got paid to be a mango turner

3 )   How to deal with heartbreak (real or from a celebrity)
-       It’s brutal as hell and kind of unneeded, I've got a lot of One direction fans on my twitter - for the record I'm team Louis.

4 )   How to stop repeatedly stubbing your toe on the same bit of your bed
-       it’s evil and it moves every time, there is no way that I keep doing it to myself every single time

5 )   How to style your hair into the perfect updo – each time every time
-Such a painful process when you are going out – yet when you are jamming around your home its never looked better

6 )   How to fit something perfectly back into a box    
-       Main culprit: Christmas tree or any form of lights

Hopefully this brief list gave you a chuckle as it did me writing it.

Currently on a rather long break from writing my dissertation


B Russ :)


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