There's riots on the street of London

I didn't intend this blog to become one about ranting, my original aim was to keep it light hearted. However current events need to be discussed. 

As London honours the anniversary of VE day, some lovely protestor has gone and decided to vandalise one of the World War Two Memorials.  (picture below: Credit to the Daily Mail)

To violate the memory of those that gave their lives so that people like this protestor could have their freedom.

Now before I seem to disappear down the route of completely condemning their actions, I can see why they would be upset. 

The current election system that is being used in Britain (first past the post) is simple but not representative. For example, it is based on seats rather than the overall proportion of the vote.  The idea is that the more seats you have around the country then the more popular you must be. When you reach a certain number of seats you gain the majority and can rule in Government. As seen recently with the Conservative party reaching an overall majority thus ending the Coalition that we have come to love and enjoy.

Ukip for example got the fourth largest share of the votes but only came out with one seat (not that I am remotely a fan of this party). Labour also lost a lot of seats, however I can't help but wonder if that is over the voting system or Ed Miliband and his motely crew. 

Therefore the protestors want to go to a different form of voting, this is fine however yesterdays actions are not the way to achieve it. The protestors have been labelled as socialists but the Daily Mail, and I'm sure that this kind of reporting is only going to make it worse. 

People are also on social media that are joining this hype - of eff the government, they are selling the NHS - remember Cameron has not officially put out the new manifesto for the Government. Also there are a lot os stages that law has to go through before it is actioned. Who is to say that it will even happen? I recently put a tweet up on my personal account (beckyrussell) and was attacked for speaking my mind. 

My question to them is also - why are you moaning about the vote? Why did you not try harder to canvass in those areas that have now gone Blue? Why has it got to come to this disrespectful action to  get your point across? 

There are a stupid amount of people that also did not vote that are moaning about cameron - I'm sorry but if you can't be interested enough to vote - don't moan that it hasn't gone your way. 

If you want to affect change this is not the way to go about it - 17 people were arrested, rebelling against the police and so forth. The police officers are hard working people that you have also decided to attack. 

All I will end this rant with is this - Labour caused a recession that had implications for us all and the Tories had to sort it out. Labour are not the be all and end all of British Politics 

Thanks for reading, I'll go back to talking about Mangos, I swear

B Russ :)


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