Time to turn a positive into a negative

Today is the day I've been dreading. I'm the only person in on my region at work . But as always, it's time to turn a positive into a negative.

My mantra today is : if you can can make one persons day then the world will become brighter 

So I'm off to work. I'm loving my look today, hopefully my facial expression will change! (this is the first selfie I have placed on this blog, really feeling my makeup)

(Top is primark, makeup is a mixture of Barry M items, earrings are new look & necklace is combo of family items/ presents) 

I will be posting a review post later on my frequently used items ;)


So, it wasn't actually that bad, I owe it all to my co-workers who are awesome and keep me smiling daily.

Plus I had a rather childish chicken nugget dinner. (A personal favourite)

I chipped my nail rather badly, which is a good excuse to paint my nails again. I might even buy a new one when I go shopping later.

As mentioned above, I will be doing my first proper fashion review post later.


B Russ 


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