Today / A few cheeky purchases

I've not been feeling well, physically and mentally, the past couple of days. But instead of letting it beat me, I went for a walk into town with my other half. 

I picked up a few things to share with you 

Firstly - some new gym wear - I'm getting back into running so I thought it was ok to treat myself to some new gear ;)

Next - you guessed it - more purchases from Lush. This time a Bath melt. Melting Marshmallow moment. Trust me when I say it smells just as it you would imagine from a marshmallow!

I also rebought some bohemian soap - as Luke seems to like it now.

The kitties also got a treat - they both received new shiny bowls - these ones donate to the RSCPA when bought so thats all good. Nice cute design as well 

And finally - just a little insight to my day. We went to Buddies and I bought this monster below - chilli and cheese Hotdog! 

We also fed the ducks!

And I got to wear my silk camisole!

Hope everyone has had a great Saturday, let me know what you got up to!


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