Today's smoothie

So we are still on the the health kick, today saw the attempt at a new combo, strawberry and kiwi. 

Recipe was as follows 

5 chopped up strawberries ( just because they were fairly small)

One kiwi. Sliced and skinned 

Half a cup of sweetned almond milk ( I am lactose intolerant, but milk works too ( my other half love it))

We blended it down more than we normally would and sieved the pips away. 

The taste was tangy. It's a taste that awakens your taste buds. I'm not sure however that I will be making it again. It may have been some bad fruit or the amount of ingredients used, but the taste wasn't one I enjoyed.

 But it's a nice energiser. 

Tomorrow will be raspberry and blueberry and possibly strawberry. 



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