Tuesday's child is full of Grace?

So following on from my previous post, the weather has seemed to join in on making Tuesday a terrible day.

Well actually terrible is rather an overstatement.

One of the things that I love about living in the UK is the fact that the weather is unpredictable - you can have sunshine and then rain and then sunshine, however some people hate this. Living in the Midlands it seems to always be to the extreme

But today this seems as if it has gone to the extreme, for example on the walk home from work, it bucketed it down, it was like a rain storm. It was really cold, so I came home, lit some candles and put my warm fluffy Pjs and bed socks on.

Pj bottoms (Dunnes)
Socks (next)
Cardigan (Abercrombie and Fitch)

But 30 mins later.....

The sun came through the window and then it started to warm up.  So instead of risking it I put Insidious chapter two on and settled down for a night in - good thing I did, It started raining again:/

(just fyi - I am a massive horror film fan - In fact I am going to see Poltergeist on Friday - but more on that later) 

But at least Diego is comfy 

Upon reflection I have found one reason to like Tuesdays. Heat magazine comes out on a Tuesday. There we have it, one positive thing. 

And now for pretty little liars and bed - (if anyone is watching please get in contact, this is a weird show)


(check back here tomorrow for a review post that I am working on!)

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