Weekly Instagram Round Up


Aside from the pictures that already feature in my blog, I also have taken these this week. I'm traditionally someone that will take pictures of the things that inspire them of pictures of things that make me chuckle. Also it allows you to see a more fuller picture of my week. 

1) This was taken as I was showing my appreciation for Collared shirts for girls. I love this trend, it looks smart for the office, but as the collar is smaller, it looks quite cute. This shirt is from new look, and I teamed it with a Primark cardigan and a New Look skirt. 

My make up in the picture is a combo of the products that I reviewed on this blog , except the Lipgloss, which believe it or not is a Pink plumping one from Rimmel 

2)  I had a bit of a nail crisis this week. I went to take my purple varnish off and the bottom clear priming layer refused to come off.

So what happened was what you can see below, the Primer held on to certain dots of the varish and because of the colour of the top layer, my nails looked like they had chicken pox.

Not great - the situation is all fixed now though :)

3)  I was celebrating a sunny day (Friday (which is dress down day at work)). So I decided to post the much loved sunglass selfie up. Mine are aviators by Ray Bans. 

Necklace is new look, Blouse is Primark, Jeans were H and M, Blue short sleeved cardigan is also new look. 

Makeup is the same as above.

4) this one is for all the Harry Potter geeks out there. My boyfriend's mum went to the Harry Potter Studios Tour and bought us back a chocolate frog. Inside there was a Godric Griffindor card.

I think it goes without saying that this is the coolest thing!

Ok, so I'm done with the weekly catch up.

Hope everyone has had a good week and here is to the next one!

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