Weekly Instagram round up

I can't believe that it's sunday and its time for another instagram round up!

Unfortunately, I've been feeling under the weather so I wasn't very snap or blog happy. 

But I'm back now ;) (never fear)

So this week, I took the following pictures: 

These shoes are my work shoes, I love how they are smart but they also inject a bit of sparkle. They are from New Look and they only cost me £10. 

I generally get all my work shoes from here as I have wide feet and they have a range just for that :)

(wide feet are a nightmare issue)

While I was poorly, I decided to try out a new candle that I'd been saving. Its a Strawberry and Pomegranate. It was only £1 from my local Morrisons, so I wasn't expecting it to be amazing. However it produced a strong yet sweet smell. 

It helped me to drop off to sleep. Well worth a consideration if you don't have the biggest budget for candles. Also their Jasmine and Rosewater candle is another nice scent. 

I tried out the Granny takes a dip Bath bomb. It turned my water all kinds of colours. It had a nice floral scent. Definitely one to buy again. I had the softest skin when I got out!

And finally, a picture from this morning. I woke to find my two little cat princes next to me. Cute right? No. 

They have developed a new game in which they love to put their paws under the covers and claw my feet and legs :(

So that was my week on instagram. Fairly boring. Hopefully it will pick up now that I feel better. 

Let me know what you were up to this week!

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