Weekly Instagram Update

So it's that time of the week again 

That time when I give you a little insight to my week and my Instagram (i'm only going to pick the pictures that don't appear on my blog) 

The first three are from Friday - I went through my tights draw to find that 7 pairs of tights had been butchered by my Kittens. You'll be happy to know that I have since replaced all of these. The joys of owning a cat. 

The kitten then had a really hard time accepting that I had to go to work and grabbed onto my cardigan (luckily he didn't leave a hole this time) 

(The cardigan is from abercrombie and fitch)

I posted this as solitary to those in my life that are suffering different forms of cancer. Together we can beat cancer. I think that the picture is powerful enough to not need words 

This picture is from today. I was trying out a new hairstyle (like a relaxed elf hairstyle) and my new lipstick from my last haul blog. 

The Lipstick is from Maybeline - Eyeliner is Rimmel with Barry M Showgirl Mascara 
New Look provided the dress (I say provided, I bought it) 

My eyes look super green in this picture, weird cos normally they are blue 

Had a cheeky cake date while shopping earlier. It was awesome. 

And thats basically it for this week - time to keep watching pretty little liars. I really really really am lost on this at the moment. If anyone else is watching this please help ;)

Just as a follow up to yesterday's blog on the Eurovision - Well done Sweden. Great song and staging and I think I have a little Crush on Mans ;)

Have a great day everybody! 

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