You Smoothie, you.


So as I have previously stated in another blog ( the one about dieting in the office) , I am currently on a health kick.

I realised that after the Christmas period, I was massively bloated and unhappy in how I felt in myself. Aside from exercise and healthy eating, I have found a really easy and tasty way to get my five a day : Smoothies. A combo of all of these factors has led to a stone being lost by myself.

A little background to this discovery is this - I am allergic to dairy so I struggled to find a decent smoothie without a yoghurt or dairy base. But through making them at home I can easily substitute almond milk in as a tasty base.

After buying a blender, the first one I tried was Strawberry and Banana and then proceeded to Mango and Pineapple. Again as previous mentioned in another blog, I struggled with the concept of peeling a Mango.

This week sees the following flavours : Strawberry and Kiwi & Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry.

For anyone that is looking for an easy way to get a little healthier, I cannot recommend smoothies enough. Especially when you can blend them down yourself and not have too many bits (another bug bear of mine). Plus saves money, rather than buying them in a shop.

Give it a go, get blending!

(If I stumble on some amazing Flavours, I will add them to the blog later.)


B Russ :)


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