50 facts about me (50th post celebration!)

I've just looked at my Blogger dashboard to realise that this is my 50th post on Hideaway! 

(50 posts in three and a half weeks (I may need to chill out a bit))

In celebration, I have chosen a different font! 

That and I thought it might be fun to do 50 random facts about me: 

So here goes :

1) I am a Leo 
2) My eyes turn from blue to green to grey, depending on lighting (and mood haha))
3) I am currently at university studying an MA in History 
4) my favourite actor of the moment is Chris Pratt
5) My current Jam is Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw (he's hot as well)
6) I live with my Partner Luke (four years together thus far)
7) the scent that always calms me down is Lavender (it reminds me of my grandmother)
8) I can quote 99% of all family guy and American dad episodes
9) I secretly love the Kardashians ( Khloe is my favourite)
10 ) My go to perfume at the moment is Viva La Belle

11) I am happiest when making cakes 
12) I used to try and make myself fly from one sofa to the other
13) I was born during a summer thunder storm 
14) My favourite sweets are Jelly beans
15) My favourite movie is High Society
16) My nickname from childhood is Bruss (pronounced Beerus) 
17) My favourite song is ' The sun always shines on TV' by Aha
18) I have a lot of scars from my time at Mcdonalds - luckily some of these are fading 
19) I support Derby County as my football team 
20) I drive a Ford KA

21) My favourite Vlogger is Zoella
22) I love reality TV shows - my favourite is Hells Kitchen 
23) I would love to make my millions and run a bakery in a lovely little village
24) But my actual plan is to get my PHD and travel the world 
25) I have a collection of 50 bottles of perfume
26) I have 40 different handbags 
27) My favourite thing to wear is a dress
28) I feel naked without painted nails 
29) I love going to the cinema - but I never see anything with a rating below 6.5 on IMDB
30)  Should probably mention that I'm 23

31) I am right handed
32) I've always wanted to travel around mainland europe 
33)  The loveliest place I've been is Dubai
34) I am a strong believer in animal rights 
35) My favourite colour is Royal Purple
36) My favourite flowers are a mixture of Roses and Lillies 
37) I own an iPhone 6 
38) My favourite show as a Kid was Sailor moon 
39) My favourite beauty item at the moment is Bath bombs
40) I can't wait to move into a house and out of my flat - because I want a garden 

41) I have two cats called Boots and Diego 
42) I am learning German 
43) I had my first kiss in primary school
44)  My first name is Rebekah - Mary 
45) my favourite takeaway is any decent fish and chips 
46) I would love to be a mum one day
47) I love reading - but I don't do it enough 
48) My worst habit is leaving the telly on all day and when I fall asleep 
49) I swear way too much 
50) I am so grateful for all the love and support in my life

So thats a little about me 


Erin said…
Oh, you're doing your masters! Ii majored in history as well, though at the moment I'm not planning on doing another degree. What is your area of interest?
Becky Russell said…
My area is the victims of the Holocaust. Good to see there's another history lover here ;)
Unknown said…
Amazing post dear

Becky Russell said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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