Body confidence 3.5 / June Favourites Vlog

Hi guys, 

I've just come home to the news regarding the Liebster Blogging Award :) 

Ah-maz-ing news. I will be doing the separate award post, once I have had some time to pick my nominees. But the news has got me grinning from ear to ear. 

As my boyfriend has said - 'technically you are an award winning blogger' , what a sweetheart. 

Anyway onto regular blogging business! 

Firstly, I have filmed my first Favourites video. This is my first monthly video and blog, so I wasn't really sure what to talk about. I thought that I would shake a few things up by setting myself, on camera, some goals that I would like to achieve by this time next month. I figured that this would be a good way to measure progress. 

You can check it out below! 

Secondly, ever since I have started commenting on body confidence, I have noticed instants in my daily to day life that has made me want to stand up and say something. 

There was an instant from yesterday - when I was watching 'This Morning' (a tv show in the UK) on my lunch break, they were talking about the issue of plastic surgery. There was a woman who phoned in and basically bawled her eyes out. She was saying that she felt ugly because she had carried three children and her skin isn't perfect. She feels disgusting. It was shocking to hear that she felt this way because of the media - there was no one else to blame. She said that her husband loved her 100%  but to her she was ugly. 

The good thing was is that the show called her back to offer depression counselling before she went and completely changed herself with operations. 

My thought is - if you are strong enough to carry a baby and give birth to a child and watch it grow then why should others be able to attack you for how you look? You have completed the most beautiful task in life. You are beautiful. 

I'm going to take this opportunity to mention the positivity challenge again. 

Please get involved. 

The links to the blog and the Vlog are below! 

Remember, you are perfect in your own way!

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