Body confidence Part 2 (I challenge you Bloggers! (lets spread some positive vibes with this tag!))

Hi guys, 

One of my first blog posts was about Body confidence - that if I had a super power, it would be to make everybody comfortable in their own skin (you can read it here

So as I was standing at the mirror just now, I found myself staring at my face. The face that I've had for 23 years, its grown with me, gone through everything I have. 

Every morning, I stand there, adding concealor and foundation in the hopes to cover up acne. I tame my hair and straighten up my clothes - trying to hide my belly and so on

For years as a teenager, I was bullied for my height, my glasses, my teeth, my skin, why was I sad all the time? (despite the fact that I suffered a massive loss in my family) 

 I also was bulled for my weight going up and down. Some disgusting people also loved to comment on the fact my parents were divorced. 


This bullying affected me for so long (it shattered my self confidence and sometimes I can feel myself unable to take a compliment from my other half)  but when I stared at myself today.... it occurred to me, there are aspects of my body that I love. 

One day, I'll bring myself to share my bullying examples, but today is not that day. 

Therefore I challenge everyone to post three things that they love about themselves. Lets stop the hating and instead encourage some love ;)

My three are below :

Firstly, my Hair - At the moment it is changing into it's summer form. Basically, as soon as the sun comes out, my hairs natural light tones come out. My hair goes about three shades lighter. I get this from my Mum, her hair is very bright. I used to hate this - I used to dye it away. But recently, I've began to appreciate my natural quirks. Plus its free highlights I suppose. 

(left is a month ago and right is yesterday) 

Second - my eyes. Again something that changes. They go from blue to green to grey . Again this is dependant to light and some argue mood. At the moment they are green, which is misleading as they are actually blue ;).  In the picture they look greeny :)

Three - my brain. I love my brain - It's a little bit quirky but its powerful. It's help me come this far - it's helped me learn how to drive, got me a degree and stores the most random information you can imagine. It has trained itself to overcome depressive thoughts and anxiety. 

So thats my three. Please let me know which three things you love about yourself, either below, on one of the links or on your blog :)

Lets spread some self loveeeeeee


Becky x

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FashtasticFlare said…
Great post, and I agree we should focus on what we love than what we do not like! I can relate to some the points mentions in the post!

My three things are my hair, eyes and nails!
Becky Russell said…
Thanks for joining in :) x
Leah said…
I love this :)
its nice to see people being positive!
Also how cool is your hair!? Mine only changes very slightly in summer but yours is like a whole new colour! :)

Leah xxx
Unknown said…
Amazing post dear!
Becky Russell said…
Thank you guys.

And yeah, I am blessed with my hair. I used to hate it though. No idea why. :|


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