Cos you got your gladrags on tonight

So, there was little activity on this blog today. 

Basically this was due to the fact that I went out 'on the town' 

I thought that I would share my look:

The dress is from apricot, necklace is from new look, wedges are also from new look. 

(thanks to Luke for taking this one below)

I was rather excited about my makeup and hair. 

I used Rimmel  Glamour eyes palette tonight. I used the purple eyeshadow and mixed it with a darker shade to create the look below

I used Barry M showgirl mascara and Rimmel scandal eyes Liquid Eyeliner 

Lip stick is from Barry M (shade is bright pink)

My hair was up in two lazy side braids 

So that was a little insight to my day. 

Hope you are all having an awesome Friday!


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