Expectation Vs Reality / Todays lessons

Hi so, 

I realised that I have done a proper 'lifestyle post' in little over a week. It's been all about beauty and Vlogging la la la etc. 

So I've figured that this needs to change. 

Throughout my day, I've been thinking about expectation and what we actually get in reality. 

This was prompted by my Boyfriend failing his theory driving test, I had such high expectations that I don't think were realitic. 

A few other examples from today are : 

The weather - the 'expectation' was the heatwave that we were promised / the reality is the fact that for half the day it's been crazy cloudy and grim (although the sun is now out) 

Vlogging - Expectation - all I have to do is talk into a camera for a few minutes and post it on youtube and it will be awesome / the reality is -finding a topic to talk about, editing the vlog - checking that everything links - then waiting four hours for it to upload. 

My hair - expectation - it will stay bouncy and full of life all day - Reality - it went as flat as a pancake a couple of hours into work 

Pets -Expectation - it will be awesome, I will have a little fluffball that will love me - Reality - whereas this is true, they are fluffy and they do love you, they are a lot of work. Plus my kittens have bigger moodswings than I do. 

Friendships / relationships - Expectation - they will last forever and these people will always be in your life - Reality - again, this is not realisitc - people move on in life, people change and grow, people grow apart. The people that stick, those are the ones that matter.

It's funny when you think about your feelings towards things that you want. For example my expectation for this blog is that no one would read it - no one would identity with it. The reality is starting to be better than I could have thought. 

There's nothing wrong with having high expectations but you need a dose of reality in there too. 

Anyway, I'm keen to go back to balancing some lifestyle posts with some beauty. I'll be mixing in some Vlogs also to keep the magic alive! 

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Thanks :)


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