Factor to consider when picking a University / Life update

Hi guys, 

So I intended to originally Vlog on this subject but sadly, I am not feeling so great. 

I woke up to discover that as I suspected, I had a migraine brewing. I felt a little under the weather last night and I think because I wasn't rushing around for work, that it had a chance to hit. 

I've spent the day under a blanket trying to shake it, eaten some junk food etc. 

I hope that it won't last too long.  I've hydrated and thrown my glasses on, so hopefully it will break soon. 

In other news, I have restarted my Squat regime. I let it go recently and I have noticed the difference in my legs and bum. I am going to be restarting running soon, I wanted to do it tomorrow, but I shall see if my body allows it. 

I have learnt the hard way that I need to listen to my body, when it hurts I need to rest. I normally push myself but after events last year, I've had to change this. 

                                                     Right so, down to business. 

           As its that time of year, in which people will be moving to University/ Start to think    about applying for university, I thought that I would write a series of blog posts / film some Vlogs aimed to try and help a little. 

Firstly factor to consider when picking a university: 

Firstly - distance from home - everyone likes to joke about moving far away from home to get away from their parents but sometimes this isn't a good thing. For example - everyone will get home sick at some point and the further away you are, the harder it is to get home for a weekend.  Make sure that this is a serious consideration. I personally stayed at home for my undergrad degree and I felt that I wasn't ready to move away at that point in my life. My anxiety would have been challenged enough with going to University, I'm not sure how I would have responded as well will moving away from my family 

Secondly - sounds simple- the location of the uni that you want to go to - pick somewhere with a surrounding area that you can see yourself living in for three years. You don't want to move to an area that doesn't have anything for you do in. Nightlife is a very important factor to consider as well. 

Thirdly - whether you are going to take your car or not - a lot of Universities will recommend that you shouldn't in the first year. They will also charge you a fair bit to keep it at halls. There is always a good public transport system around the campuses. 

Fourthly (doesn't seem like a word but spell check thinks it is so I'm gonna go with it), which course you are going to choose. This is a course that needs to keep you engaged for three or more years. So you need to have a genuine interest in it. Don't do something just for the hell of it! 

Fifth, consider the outcome - what job do you want at the end of it - do you need to go to Uni to achieve it. Think about any work experience that you can do, whilst doing your degree. It's all good for the CV - for example I was a course rep for open days. 

Sixth - your student budget - this is a massive one, consider whether you need a job. The smart people go down to their area early and secure one before moving. Consider if you are entitled to any bursaries or grants. People aren't joking when the say that you will probably end up on a diet of super noodles and beans. University life is expense, living costs are only going up, so make sure that you make a budget and try and factor everything in. For example :
  • Living costs (some places will put gas, water and electricity together), Tv License, Rent etc
  • Food costs (both shopping and lunches on campus, coffees (lots of money gets spent on these over the three years!)
  • Travel / transport (bus, trains & car), 
  • Insurance (again car etc), 
  • Books (some places will make you buy them)
  • Nights out
  • Clothing and other luxuries (phone bill, Netflix / LoveFilm)

This is just a short list, there are other costs that I haven't mentioned.  But you can start to see the picture forming. (after writing this list I am rather grateful that my mummy and daddy  let me stay in their homes for the three years. Thanks guys, I love you)

Finally, make sure that you are doing this for the right reasons - because YOU want to, not because you think you should. After all, its going to be you that has to sit the exams and write the essays and dissertations etc. 

I hope that this post has helped a little. I will be writing more in the future, my aim of the blog is to help and to entertain! 

Drop me a comment below!

I haven't said this before - but if there are any subjects that you want me to write/ film about then let me know and I will put them into my rotation ;) 


Becky x

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