Haul blog / Today's final thoughts & Insidous Chapter 3 review.

So today has been a busy day. 

I went shopping this morning and this has allowed me to recorded my first haul blog. This can be seen below 

I also uploaded a very personal blog about anxiety and depression (this can be found on the post previous to this one )

I must be getting better at filming and editing, because it only took me four hours to film, edit and upload. 

Any subs would be great, I will happily return them. 

We also got to see my Dad, which is always awesome. I think sometimes we both forget about family time when we both have a lot of work on.

Luke and I have just returned from seeing Insidious chapter three. I am a horror film fan, so I don't normally get too scared, but this film was something else. 

It has a lot of effective jumps and scares - but better still, it has a really good story. I'd be as bold as to give it an 8/10. 

Well worth a watch, best bit :"not today bitch" - when you watch it you'll get the reference. 

All that is left for today is to have a relaxing bath and have a go on the Sims 4. 

Bath bomb choice : Phoenix

My bathroom is filled with the smell of Lavender :)

I think tomorrow will be a more realxed day and I'm finally going to get round to sorting out my blog design on all of my pages!

Let me know what you are up to!


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