Healthy eating (some tasty ideas inside)

Hi guys, 

I figured with the heaviness of the last post I did, about emotional abuse in a relationship (link is here), that I thought I should do one on the lighter side. 

As you may not or may know, I am on a health kick and have been since January. Its been a while since I wrote about it. 

My favourite thing to blog about was smoothies, you can find all the recipes below:

I firstly identified the meal that I felt was the unhealthiest. Surprisingly it was Lunch at work. I was guilty of picking up crisps, chocolate, a sandwich because it was quick and simple.  But I was still hungry afterwards so I would snack on biscuits and other stuff at work. 

But I found that preparing the meal the night before led to be being able to create this badboy -

 A lovely grilled chicken and cos cos salad (also featuring some homemade low fat potato and onion salad). It's tasty, its colourful, its got five- a day goodness and it fills me up!
(for those wondering the salad features:
Spring onion
Red cabbage
Peppers of various colours 
Grilled chicken breast
Piccolo tomatos 
Spicy cous cous
Homemade potato salad) 

The best part is  -in making this salad in bulk - it is encouraging my partner to join in. We are shaking things up a little - different flavours in cos cos and last week we had bbq chicken. 

Another up side, I'm starting to enjoy cooking and preparing meals again - at one point I saw it as a chore 

The next thing I've made is Potato Burgers. I was looking for a different way to use the potatoes that I currently have sitting in the kitchen. 

This was a really easy dish to make - all you need is 

A diced onion 
A couple of mashed potatoes 
A cup of Plain flour
Half a teaspoon of Salt 
1 egg. 

Just mix the above until you get a batter and roll it into little burger shapes. Take your burger and place it in a pan until brown on both sides. 

Then enjoy in any way that you want to eat them! They are a healthier alternative to meat. I think next time I'll add some spice to them or maybe some cheese to add further flavour 

So these are just a few things I've tried - along with exercise and so on. 

Let me know if you are on a health kick 


Becky x


Becky Russell said…
Thanks. I'm sure that I will be adding more recipes as I discover them 🙈 x

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