Lessons Learned

Hello you beautiful people! 

My blog is now a month old yay! Proud parent moment.

I've watched this thing that I've created grow legs and start to be appreciated by the world.

I thought that I would post a few lessons that I've learnt so far for those of you that are just starting out :)

1) Make sure that you tag your blog posts - otherwise how are people meant to see you posts?

2) It's ok to get personal (but not too personal). I've written some deep posts, but I've gotten the best comments and positive vibes back from fellow bloggers :)

3) You don't have to spend a lot of money to do reviews- I've started off using the more readily avaliable brands - the one that I seem to mention the most is Lush - their products don't tend to go above a tenner

4) be passionate in what you are writing - otherwise it will show in the post 

5) Its not all about readers and views - Rome wasn't built in a day. You aren't going to wake up with a million subscribers / readers. It took the famous ones a couple of years to get there

6) Youtube is a brilliant tool - if you are interested in vlogging but don't have the software, there are some nifty little tools on the website 

7) It's nice to be nice. Return follows and offer comments. Bloglovin is a lovely little community. 

8) It will take a while to find your rhythm - I'm still finding mine 

9) Most importantly - have fun! 

This was just a basic list, but these are all things I've learnt over the last four weeks.

Feel free to drop a comment below :)

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