May monthly review and favourites post

I thought that this post would be a good way to review the last month and highlight some articles and products that may not have been noticed on the blog

This is my first post like this, as I started the blog on the 9th of May ;)

In that time I've learnt a few lessons and managed 2000 hits and 40 followers (which is way better than I thought I would do in three weeks)

So I would just like to thank you for reading this post and any others you may have stumbled across. 

So I'll start with my May highlights:
§ started the blog on 9th May 
§ did my first article review for a company 
§ I finished university for the summer
§ Kittens turned a year old 
§ got 2000 hits  
§ got 40 followers 

May Favourite Products: 
May truly was the month of the bath bombs, bubble bars and melts . I have a strong love affair with Lush. It's helped me chill out through stressful situations that I have encountered this month 

You can find my product reviews for the month here:

Article review:

You can find my Instagram round ups here ; 

My haul posts for the month are here:

Quiz post:

And finally - my favourite post of the month- I wrote a very personal one about my battle with depression it took a lot for me to write it. You can find it here

All in all May was a good month. I want to try and continue the success into June ;)

Any feedback / questions, please get in contact on one of the methods below : 

Thank you for reading, again.

Have a beautiful day. 


Doctor Anne said…
Wow, 40 followers in three weeks is great.
Welcome to the blogosphere and I hope your June will be awesome.

LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking
Wow you really have had a successful month!
Those stats are impressive!
I love the lush products you've photographed, I need to get down to Lush soon!!

The Everyday Life of Rachel
Becky Russell said…

Thanks for the lovely comments :), means a lot x
FashtasticFlare said…
Great to hear how far you have come! I love the bath bombs, I see so many lush hauls I need to take a trip to the store. Keep doing what your doing.

Sonam |
Becky Russell said…
Thank you so much. Plus it's kind of weird when you think that bath bombs are trending now, with the nice weather. But I'm not going to complain. I love them. Although I can't wait for the winter and the return of snow fairy :)
FashtasticFlare said…
I know right, but I guess the bath bombs add that extra excitement to your life! I sooo need to try these bath bombs out! :)

Sonam |
Becky Russell said…
I used one that wasn't in this post last night - it's called Phoenix. Smelt incredible and it turned my bath water purple. Well worth a consideration :)
FashtasticFlare said…
Wow that is so cool. Definitely going to consider it! :)
jabirmabe said…
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