My skin care routine


So its been a while since I last did a beauty post, so I figured that I should change that.

Today I'm going to be writing about my skincare routine.

(EDIT : there is now a new video for this : check it out here : Vlog Style)

(ANOTHER EDIT : there is now a post for my Daily Makeup routine : check it here)

This routine is one that I do without fail - it's also one that doesn't take a lot of time. I am one of those people that try and maxmise their time in bed before they have to go to work.

Firstly, I wash my face with soap and water - the soap that I use is the Bohemian soap from lush, its got a great smell - Lemon. It leaves my skin feeling really refreshed. 

Next I use the Neutrogena- Black head eliminating Cleasning lotion. I like this one as its not one that drys my skin out. It's almost all gone!

Next product that I use is a new one - It's from the vitamin C range from the Body Shop. This is the skin reviver. I find that it is a really good base for my make up, plus it smells really nice. It smells of oranges and t leaves my skin feeling soft. I will be doing a review of the product next week. 

Thats it for the morning routine, now for the evening one! 

Once again, I'll use soap and water to take my makeup off.

Then I will use one of two products depending on the time of the week. If it is Wednesday or Sunday I will use this one :

Its an exfoliator - but it is onlyy one that you can use twice a week - it leaves my skin feeling really refreshed. If it is any other day of the week, then I will use the one below 

This is the Let the good times roll exfoliator from Lush. IT smells of cinnamon and it is designed to be a paste that activates when you mix water with it. Therefore it lasts longer as it is self preserving 

The last face product I use is skin drink. Its not got the best smell (it's quite nutty) but it leaves my skin feeling incredible in the morning. 

For my hands I will use the below - again from the body shop 

For the rest of my body - I am currently using the below product

Thank you for reading - Please feel free to get in contact :) 

Becky x


Nicole stockton said…
I really like you skin care routine blog post, it is really inspiration, since I have quite a poor skincare routine at the moment. I now feel like going out and buying some lush and the body shop products now.
Becky Russell said…
Thank you lovely :). They are defintely worth the money x
caroline said…
lush bath bombs look amazing! :)

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