Small victories / An unscheduled Schedule / New Vlog

Evening to you all, 

So today has been a really good day. It was the kind of day in which everything felt as though it was all coming together nicely. 

I went back to work after a long weekend and it felt like all the problems that I had on Friday were suddenly more manageable. It may have been the fact that I was more relaxed ( my personal life was under control) or that distance brings perspective. Either way it was appreciated. 

I actually felt as though I was enjoying my job. 

When I got home, I started to edit the below Vlog. It was a beast but I think that I am getting better and quicker at editing.  Took three hours to upload though (I think that truly is the worst part of the vlogging process)

The Vlog below is my first get to know me / day in my life blog. I will let it do the talking for itself. 

Any feedback as I say it in, is really appreciated. 

I have seen all over Bloglovin that people have dedicated Vlog/Blogging schedules. I'm not sure that I can live that way. I mean I blog everyday, so I figure if I do 3 vlogs to 4 blogs then it shouldn't be too bad. 

I think if I have set days, then it will start to feel like work rather than my little hobby 

But thats just me. As I said the Vlog is below :)

Thanks for reading :)

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