Sunday vibes / How to clean your brushes.

Sunday, sunday sunday. 

So sunday is meant to be the day of rest, but today has been the opposite. 

We started off going into town. 

We then went into Lush - those of you that watched my blog from yesterday ( Check it here) will know that yesterday, I got two free samples. 

They were both for different types of facial moisturiser, Celestial and Skin drink. I went to bed with one cheek covered in one and the other covered in the other. 

The winner was Skin drink, although it was pretty close - it was the first time that I've woken up in ages and my skin hasn't hurt. 

The factor that separated is that the cheek with Celestial on it felt a little greasy. 

Both are the same price - £12.50

Next stop was Currys / Pc World.

We looked at cameras. At the moment I am recording using my iPhone 6 and my Mac book Air camera. Its my birthday soon so I think Luke was testing to see which camera I would want ;)

Time to get serious about Vlogging

Next we went for a lovely walk around the canal :)

When I got home I decided that it was time for the weekly cleaning of the Brushes. 

I see a lot of people that are unsure as to how to do this. 

Its really easy. 

All you need is water and some shampoo. 

The shampoo that I use is below. Its now that didn't really work well on my hair so I kept it as a just in case. Turns out its awesome for cleaning brushes. 

The steps are simple 
1) Run the brush under warm water and squeeze the brushes upwardly 

2) Put a small amount of shampoo on the brush and the old makeup should start coming off the brush. 

3) rinse the brush and leave to dry. 

It's really that simple. But its something that people majorly neglect. Just think about the amount of bateria that the brush carries.  Ewwww

The Ecotool brand is one that is designed to be one that can be cleaned over and over again - well worth a consideration!

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