Tips for yourself and pets in the heat!

Hi Guys, 

I thought that I would write this little advise post. 

There will also be a Vlog going up tonight about skin care. 

Firstly, the UK is currently experiencing a heat wave. Therefore I thought that I would provide a few tips for you and also for your furry friends. My post was inspired by my furry little men - Boots and Diego 

For you 

*Make sure that you drink a lot more water - its one that people seem to forget, it keeps your head clearer and it helps the skin. A sun head ache / dehydration is horrible.  Especially if you are drinking :O

*Sun tan lotion people! Make sure you don't forget this - its not just about burning - its about the protection for you skin on a micro level. Don't cook yourself

*Make sure that you follow up with after sun / moisturiser - Ones with Aloe Vera are amazing.  It takes any lasting heat off your skin and it keeps the skin in good condition.

* Careful in your car - Make sure that you let it cool down a bit before driving home after work - but on the same token, don't leave open windows unattended - there are thieves about. Another tip for you car - make sure that the engine coolant is topped up and you don't damage your engine!

* Protect your head! Get a trendy hat. 

For the Furry ones in your life 

*set a cool safe zone in your house, they need somewhere that they can cool down. Place a water bowl down there too 

*Make sure there are little water bowls everywhere

* make sure you groom them regularly - they will be losing winter fur something crazy. Helping them will prevent poorly tummies and furballs

* don't roughhouse with them when its too hot - chasing round will leave to overheating and a panting pet :(

* If you have a doggy, don't take them out when the sun is hottest - I saw a good tip on Facebook - if you can't hold the back of your hand to the pavement then they shouldn't walk on it 

*check their nose - noses are a good indication of temperature as are paws

*Make sure you give them plenty of love, they can't take their fur coat off like we can!

Make sure that you are keeping safe out there!

Check back later for my newest video!

For now, thanks 


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