Versatile Blogging Award.

Good evening everyone, 

I have been having a nice relaxing chilled out night, I think it is something that has been well overdue this week. 

I woke up to the news that Hideaway has been nominated for the Versatile blogging award, this is the second nomination this week. Incredible news.

This one is similar to the Liebster award, in that its a blogger to blogger award. I love the fact that it is from a fellow blogger as it means that the blog is being enjoyed by some people in the blogging world! 
(you can see the liebster award post here)

I was nominated for the Versatile blogging award by Sarah - you can check out her blog here. Thanks Sarah!
The rules for this award are below 
1. State 7 facts about yourself
2. Nominate some bloggers to give the award to

I've already written a post with fifty facts about myself (check it here) so I will try not to repeat

1)  I am ambidextrous - meaning I can write with both hands
2) My favourite PC game is anything from the Sims series - I'm currently replaying the Sims 3
3) My favourite animal is an Elephant or a Meerkat
4) my favourite nail colour is light purple 
5) When I was little, I wanted to be a powerpuff girl and then a Pokemon Trainer
6) my Favourite Pokemon has to be Mew 
7) I am an advanced First aider 

I therefore nominate the following bloggers for this award

So, once again, thanks for the award. 

Please feel free to contact me on one of the below


Becky x


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