Weekly Instagram and YouTube roundup

Hi , 

Its that time of the week again. Today has been another busy day - a day of endless clothes washing/ ironing and cleaning.  I must have done about six lots of washing alone, I'm not really sure how we get through all these clothes in a week. Although to be fair the loads included towels and bedsheets as well. 

Thats the end of the boring housewife action. I also got to go to the pub to go and see my cousin who I haven't seen in eight years. That was lovely. 

Anyway, on to the review. I've been a little busier on instagram and youtube this week:

Firstly, I'm happy that my bath bomb jars is looking full. I haven't had the time to have a bath this weekend, so I look forward to a treat tomorrow night 

Next, I took this picture to show off one of my new shirts from Primark. If you want to see the shirt in greater detail - then check out the Haul video below in the youtube section 

Next - throwback to me an a Pig. I put this up to promote a new post. 

Next, I was expermenting with a new hair style for work. 

Next - I took this picture to celebrate my second award win - the versatile blogger

Another throwback - Little mini Diego 

Finally,  in an effort to kick myself into gear, I posted that it is now 100 days until my dissertation is due. I need to get on that


The get to know me tag

Haul vlog

So thats it for now - time to go and work on my latest DIY project for the house. 

More posts to come tomorrow! 

Becky x


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