Weekly Instagram / Youtube roundup

Yes , it's sunday again

Firstly, Happy Father's day to those of you out there celebrating!  I will be seeing my own father later, so I'll blog later about his gift.

(a miniture version of me) 

My partner and I don't have children so I joked and said happy Fathers day from the Kittens to him. He giggled.

I reaslised that I didn't do this roundup post last week - it's the first time that I'd forgotten. I think it may have been due to the fact that I was off on a days holiday from work, but also it could be because, I was having a little bit of writers block. 

So this round up is for the last two weeks: 

Firstly, I was buzzing to finally get my hands on the Lego Jurassic World game - it also came with a little lego dinosaur, which I have lovingly called Steve. It's a really good game for young and old. There is a lot of hidden humour in it, it covers all four films and the attention to detail is amazing. 

Secondly, I documented that I was making more wax burners. You can see the outcome in this post here . I am massively into reusing items around the house. 

Next, I posted this picture to celebrate the Liebster Award nomination (you can check this award out here )

Next, If you had read my blog yesterday ( Catch up here) you will know that I was poorly yesterday. To try and cheer myself up, I made some amazing French toast / eggy bread. As it was close to lunch time, I put a little twist on it. I made them into grilled sandwiches. 

To do this I put some grated cheese in-between the two slices whilst still in the pan. 

 Also yesterday, I went for a walk with my boyfriend, I live near a canal so we ran into a Swan and it's goslings. I'm a big animal person so I love seeing it grow and going about it's daily business. 

Finally, I saw this floating around on twitter. As you know, use Brits love tea. I'm definately a Mr Tea.  I can't have milk in my tea. Where do you fall on the chart? Let me know. 

Next onto Youtube! 

My June Favourites video 

This was the first one that I have done for youtube. Normally I would write it down, but I figured you only live once haha

My latest day in the life video

I recorded my mothers birthday and the Northampton carnival 

Body confidence - I challenge you! Also some home truths about bullying

Whats in my handbag?

Right so if you are still with me - thanks for reading! 

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I'm hoping to film a new Vlog tomorrow now I am feeling better :)

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