Weekly Instagram / Youtube update


Its time for the weekly 'oh my gosh, I can't believe that its Sunday' post. 

This week has been a busier one on Instagram and in general 

I thought that I would combine this with a Youtube weekly update, so I don't have to write two and spam the blog ;)

If we start with Monday. I took this photo, it was during filming for my first ever Vlog. It was a day in the life Vlog and you can find it  here

I really wasn't sure what to expect and what to say - I was quite nervous in front of the camera. But a week on, I can see that I am already making progress ;)

Also on Monday - I uploaded my first review blog - all about perfume. You can check that here

This was my, I don't want to go to work face on Tuesday. Self explanatory really. 

These next two photos were taken in relation to my next Vlog. The Vlog itself was on exam stress, but during the video I stopped to notice that my hair was going a tad on the wild side (Vlog is here)

The pictures were taken the next day - the one on the left is in relation to the natural blonde tones in my hair and the right is to do with the fact that it is actually behaving and on point. ITs like it heard me talking ill of it and was proving me wrong. 

On Friday- I went out on the town. My look is below - I tried a new method with my eyes. I mixed purple eyeshadow and used some black eyeshadow under my eyes (I never normally do this - but I think that it made my eyes pop). I finished off with liquid eyeliner and Mascara. I wore a Pink lipstick from the Barry M Collection :)

Sadly,  the night did not go as planned and I suffered an anxiety attack - this lead me to filming the next Vlog - (here)

Yesterday - I tried a summer fruit iced tea. It was the bomb. It powered me through editing my next  Vlog here

So thats it for Instagram and Youtube. 

Hopefully you enjoyed watching/ viewing. 

Let me know what you think ;)



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