When home is your haven

They say that home is your safe place, where you feel most comfortable. 

However for me, this was not always the case. When I first moved into my flat with my boyfriend, I was very aware that I was living in someone else's home (as we rent). Everything seemed to be broken and we aren't even allowed to put pictures on the walls. 

However with a few homely touches, the feeling began to change (oh and everything got fixed) 

I thought I would share a few of my favourite items with you here (I'm seeing on blogspot, that people are doing this kind of post at the moment) : 

Firstly, there is this little guy. I got him from a vintage fair. He is made out of wood and fabric, the lady said that he is one of a kind. But I don't care about that. I simply love the message that is painted on him. Live, Laugh, Love. A very important message. This little bird hangs from the main window in the living room 

Secondly, I love the way that my windowsill is set up. The wooden sign in the middle was a Christmas present from Luke's mum. I love it. Sadly the cats broke it when they tried to catch a bird through the window. I will fix it though as I still have the end of the Y. 

I love that the sign is bookended by two pictures of people that we miss

Next is my little kitty statue. He again is made of wood and fabric. My mother bought this for me (can't remember which occasion it was for (sorry mum!)

I attached one of Luke's bowties to it to give it some edge ;)

The below two images are of Christmas presents that Luke bought me. I'm a doctor Who geek, and I love that he gets this.

The dalek is made out of recycled metal - such as screws and bike chains and the Tardis is a hand painted piggy bank :)

And finally - a cheeky shot of my graduation photo - hopefully a second will follow in February :)

I can't wait until we move into our own home so I can extend my designs ;)

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Becky Russell said…
Can't wait to design a new home :)

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