Yesterday's World Events

Hi everyone,

It's been about a month since I have written anything on current events but after yesterday I feel like I need to. My last post was about the riots in London after the general election - you can check that out here

I'll start with the good news : 

Same sex marriage is now legal in America! As Barack Obama said - love overcame all.  I'm glad to say that I witnessed the day that America caught up. Love is blind when it comes to gender and I hope that those that we previously refused - can now become legally married and continue to celebrate their lives together. I think marriage is something that some Hetrosexual people took for granted, and it was horrible to exclude Homosexual people that had been together for years purely on the grounds of gender. 

I also love that all social media sites - including Google have got behind this 100% 

Onto the bad news:

Imagine getting excited over going on holiday, saving up the money, booking the holiday, doing the holiday count down and then finally getting there. Imagine going to the beach to sunbathe and then the unthinkable happens, a gunman comes and starts shooting at people. You run for your life and then barricade yourself in your hotel room. It sounds like a start of a horror film - but sadly this was the reality in Tunisia.

I couldn't believe what I was reading when the live update came through on my phone. I had been to the same beach with my family two years ago. It honestly was one of the best holidays that I had been to. A beautiful place, nice people, amazing hotel. 

My absolute thoughts are with the families, those there and those that are home, terrified that one of the 38 victims are their relatives. There are many injured also. I've read in the news the morning that the majority of the victims are in fact British like me. Although this shouldn't make a difference, its terrible no matter where you come from. 

The police have killed the main gunman but there may be a second at large - I hope that Cameron reacts in the right way to this. This also comes on the same day that saw attacks in France and Kuwait and an attempt foiled in London. 

Its such a weird paradox in which saw an outpouring of love in America and such hatred in others. But sadly, this seems to be the way the world is at the moment. 

I just hope and pray for those that have been slaughtered and I hope you will too. 

Thanks for reading 

Becky x


Erin said…
I've been thinking about Tunisia a lot as well. While I am so, so glad that the US has finally caught up with a lot of the rest of us regarding same-sex marriage, it is unfortunate that it happened on the same day as the shootings. Tunisia has been slightly eclipsed by this good news, I think. Obviously it is more satisfying to focus on the good, but it isn't good to ignore the bad.
Becky Russell said…
I think as more of the details come out, that the world will give the recognition that the victims deserve. I hope that this event will kick the government into doing something

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