A day at the zoo / Car troubles (exclusive pictures inside)

Hi guys,

So today saw Luke and I take a trip to Woburn Zoo , just on the out skirts of Milton Keynes. It's not too far from us - about 45 minutes.

Its a safari park, so you get to drive parts of it.  I am a massive animal fan. I was like a little kid in the car driving up to it. As I was the driver. Luke filmed part of the journey. Thanks Luke. I had a Rhino touching the car (I feared for my tires), a Zebra standing right next to us, two wolves up the side of the car and a Bear sitting right next to us.

Sadly, as I was leaving the monkey enclosure, my little KA, Lugi came into slight difficulty. He let out a burning rubber smell and the Clutch went all light. We stayed in the car as per the rules and the Lovely keeper came and saved us. She explained that this happened all the time, people overheated their cars with the clutch as they wanted to keep the cars moving. So a Mechanic towed us to safety and we left the car to cool down. Praying that it was just overheated.

I am pleased to say that the car is fine. But I will be getting him checked out. He drove like a dream on the way home.

I also got to fulfil my child hood dream of touching an elephant (they are my grandmothers favourite animals and its something that she passed down to me). I made a donation to the international Elephant conservation fund as apparently the only places that we will be able to see African Elephants will be in the Zoos. This is the cute little wrist band they gave me: 

I also got to get stupidly close to a Lemur.

I have made some of the footage into a video, but I thought that I would put some exclusive pictures on here so Youtube doesn't get all the fun! Plus I have no idea how long this video will be as there is to go through.

The rest of the day has been pretty standard. 

Make sure you check the video when it's uploaded. I'll put the link on here later 

So enjoy the exclusive pictures below and you can contact me as always on the links below 

Becky x 

My look : Sunglasses : Ray Bans
Cardigan : A & Fitch 
Top : New Look
Shorts (not pictured) Primark 


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