A week off of work / today's thoughts


So the big news is that I am now enjoying a week off of work with my partner. It's been a long time coming and it will be nice to have some quality time together. 

It also means that I will have plenty of time for the blog and the youtube channel. I want to give the layout a bit of a makeover and so forth. Of course, I shall also be working on my dissertation. 

I thought that I would end the week with some random thoughts and musings. 

Firstly, today at work we observed the minute silence that the UK was holding for the 38 victims of the Tunisian shootings. I have previously written another post on this terrible event. It was good to reflect today and see the country come together. Its quite humbling and quite close to home because as I have previously said, I was on the same beach exactly two years ago with my own family. I can't even begin to imagine how I would have been able to cope had we had been in that situation. I hope that the survivors get the help that they need and those that have lost people equally are supported.

Secondly, I learned some interesting information about the animal kingdom today. It all came about when I was discussing Jurassic World with a work friend. We got into the debate as to whether animals kill for sport and I was shocked that aside from humans, there is one other species - the cute innocent little Dolphin! (See Joe I put you in the blog!)

Thirdly, I am overjoyed to be working with my football team Derby County with their app. Its kind of a dream come true. :)

We will make the premiership in the upcoming season!

Thats it for now. 

I plan to film tomorrow as I'm out and about so stay tuned!


Becky x 


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