Body Confidence part four ( I take my makeup off for the camera)

WHi Guys, 

So, If you recall I wrote a couple of blogs and recorded a Vlog on the issue of body confidence. I also issued everyone a challenge to write three things that they love about themselves to encourage some self loving. 

You can check the following below if you want to see them 

Now, I was going to write another blog post about something completely different (a mini homeware haul. I still may write this later but I figured that this post should be more important.)

I have just heard about Em Ford. The blogger that took all her makeup off to show how she was treated by trolls when she revealed her acne to the world. As someone that also suffers from acne, this made me feel sick. No one should be trolled for something that they can't change. I know how horrible and painful it can be, how sore your skin can feel and by the act of covering it up, you are actually making the whole condition worse. Its a horrible cycle. 

There is a saying in which, you should be picked on for something that you can't change in ten seconds. 

I therefore decided that this lovely lady needs a little support. I have recorded a vlog (which is up loading now) in which I take my makeup off on camera. 

I am also going to put before and after pictures on here as well. 

So here goes. I have to say though, I put a picture up a couple of weeks ago on instagram with no makeup on and the comments were lovely. 

So be kind 




I issue you all the challenge to do the same, post a no makeup selfie to help and encourage those that are feeling insecure. I shall repeat my words from a previous blog. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Don't let others make you feel inferior, if you give bullies the power, then they will win. 

Feel free to do my previous challenge. Pick three things that you truly love about yourself. They can be physical or mental. 

Let promote some body confidence. 

Thanks for reading this - you are a beautiful person! 

Drop me a comment below 

Becky x


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