June monthly review and favourites post

Hi everyone, 

Thus begins the best month of the year, my birthday month July. But before we wave goodbye to June, its time that we do the monthly review post. 

My little blog is now six weeks old. It's feels like such a long time ago, but also on the same token, it seems that it was yesterday I wrote my first little post. 

I'd also like to take this opportunity to everyone that has read and followed this blog. It mean a lot. Your support and comments have spurred me on. Its given me confidence to discuss issues that a couple of months ago, I was ashamed of.

You can see May's review here

I'll start with June's highlights 

§ I started my youtube channel! This was a big step for me as I was quite camera shy. I feel like I've made massive improvements so far. You can be the judge - Visit Hideaway on Youtube
§ went from 2000 views to just over 4000 views 
§ went from 40 to 200 followers - Incredible! 
§ The blog received two blogging awards - Versatile Blogging Award & Liebster Blogging Award

My Favourite products 

Its a tie between these two, again its another Lush product in the Lip scrub and the Weekly Spa exfoliator is from my other favourite shop (The Body Shop)

You can learn more about them in this review Vlog 

I'm going to be combining both posts from the blog and Vlogs from Youtube below

Product reviews: 

Perfumes and my first ever Video!

Skin care review 

Instagram weekly reviews 

Haul Posts


Favourite Vlog:

My Mum's birthday 

Thank you for reading / watching. I'm hoping that July will allow more interesting filming and writing as it's birthday month! 

Please free free to contact me, and once again. Thanks for the support

Becky x


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