Mini home haul

So here is the post that I was going to put up earlier.

I did a mini home Haul the other day and I thought that I would share it with you. 

I don't seem to put a lot of home stuff up anymore - which is odd as I am obessed with it. 

First item is a little Clay love heart candle holder - I got this from tescos (actually all the items are from tescos). I think that I am definitely one of those people that don't give telcos a chance when it comes to clothes and homeware so I like this little cute find. 
The holder was only two pounds. It looks so nice all lit up :)

Next is something that I haven't had in my possesion for two and a bit years of moving out - oven gloves. I liked these ones as they have a wartime vintage feel to them.  I also got some matching tea towels. 

To finish the Haul off I got 100 pack of tea light candles and an Orange room spray. I am going to use it on the dried flowers in my flat to give them a new smell :)
So thats it for now. Look out for the two new videos later :)

Becky x 

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DELETE said…
I love homeware stuff :) great picks

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