More up cycling/ reusing items around the house :)

Hi guys,

If you read the blog a lot, then you will know that one of my current obsessions/ passions is reusing items around the house or as some would call it up cycling. 

You can see my previous efforts in this previous blog post : here and also see them in this video:

But I have kept this going onto new items : some simple and some are work in development: 

This one is simple - My kitten dislikes anything that we buy for him. Toys, bedding etc. But one thing that he seems to form an attachment to is this box. It delivered our Xbox one in it and ever since the cat's been in love. I have placed a little blanket inside and he takes all his naps in there - that is when he isn't napping on me. 

Saved us some money on bedding - the other cat just sleeps on armchairs

This next one is also Diego related. As mentioned, he isn't crazy about the toys we buy - he will chase if we play with them but he's not as in love with them as his brother. He does have a favourite pet chicken beanie baby. I kid you not. I have walked into the room and he has been alsleep cuddling it. He even removed the collector tag off of it. 

Anyway, the below is not a chicken, it is an old Fridge pack pot that had Baked beans in it. I liked it as its a rather large plastic tub and I had been looking for something to put diego's bottle caps in as he  looses them. 

Yes you read that right, the cat has a collection of bottle caps. Plastic not metal as that would hurt his mouth. The cat carries them around in his mouth. I shall link the video below, so you can see him in action. He has a proper tantrum if you ignore him and he wants to play with you. 

I am in the middle of customising this pot. I'm going to paint it I think, or at least put little paw prints on it. Make it a little fun, once I have fully gotten rid of the beans smell....


Lastly is this old Beer bottle, I liked it as its an unusual shape and the colour is beautiful. When I saw it, I made Luke promise not to throw it away. 

I'm currently using it as a makeshift flower pot in the bathroom (the flowers are fake), this is the third item like this following the Bath bomb pot and the Plastic bath. 

It's quite a mash of colours in the bathroom , but oddly it works :)

So that's it for now, as I said this is an ongoing hobby. I am also in the process of finally after ten years, of sewing my guide badges onto my camp blanket so I will upload a picture when this is done! 

As promised here is the video of Mr Diego 

All is left to do now is to chill in bed and read. 

Let me know if you have any little crafty projects on the go ;)


Becky x 

Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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