My Saturday (Mini Haul and family event)

Hello everybody, 

So I've been suffering a little today with what I think is dehydration from yesterday. It's grim and I hate it. I've drunk a Jug and a half worth of water today and had many naps. That being said, I've also cleaned the flat, done all the washing and ironing. All the exciting parts of being an adult wrapped up into one. 

I had a busy day yesterday. Firstly, Luke and I went to Milton Keynes to go dress shopping. I have attached a picture below. 

The dress is for a family event at the end of next week. Thoughts on it are welcome :)

After shopping we went to my Grandmother's 70th. I won't be putting any family pictures on here (as its a little bit too personal), but the room was beautifully decorated, so I will share those pictures instead. 

Back to the shopping: 

Below is the dress, the theme is rose pink and lace. So I think these should do.... my mother may tell me otherwise. They are both from New Look. Dress was 25 pound and shoes were 15. The student discount I have knocked the overall price down quite nicely  

Luke also treated me the the Lego Hobbit game as I felt ill today. We didn't actually pay anything for it as we traded in some old games ;)

Thats all for my life update for the moment.

The next post will be the 100th for this blog (exciting!!)

Let me know what you are up to! 

Becky x 

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Unknown said…
Amazing photos Becks
Glad you enjoyed x

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