New new Vlogs as promised (third post in one day)

Hello blog readers,

I'm feeling extremely active today. 

I've recorded two videos and I've written two blog posts. Pretty sure that I'm meant to be on a week off. Oops 

To all those new people that have followed over the past couple of days - hello and welcome on the Hideaway train. 

I mentioned in a previous post that I was in the process of uploading a video in which I removed my makeup and I revealed my acne. This was all due to the body confidence issue that I am trying to help us all feel better about. The blog is here

The video is below- any comments and subs on youtube are loved. Let me know if you do sub, I'll return them gladly :)

The second video is a room tour / 50 things in my room tag. It gives you a chance to see inside my flat and have a sneaky look at my life. 

In both videos, my cats try to take over ;) 



Becky x 


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