So, I've cut all my hair off......

So today was long overdue, It was time to get the old mop chopped. 

My hair grows really quickly, and although it was easter that it was last chopped, it felt like agesss ago. 

I figured that it was time as I have a couple of family functions coming up and one needs to look ones best. 

I had some of the length taken off (only what needed to come off - I haven't gone mad. I just told my Mum I had to freak her out - sorry Mum ) I also had some layers put in - Long and short and my fringe has been set back up as a short side fringe. 

It feels so much shorter - although it always seems to after. It looks and feels so much healthier, I'm in love :)

Not really sure why I have a prominent ginger tone in my hair. But I kind of dig it 

I have included some before and after pictures : 

Also not sure why I look so mad in the first picture? Yikessssss

So, I feel like this mad week of loads of updating will now naturally be coming to an end - Return to work on Monday and I have a family do tomorrow. 

I plan to Vlog my hair tutorial on Sunday and I will try to daily blog. 

Today I realised how much uni work there is to do, so expect some random uni posts as well as the normal stuff ;)

(P.s I tried some purple smoky eyes today - not sure if winner. Let me know thoughts )

Thanks ! 

Becky x 

Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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